October 20, 2010

Singer Featherweight 221 Egyptian Scroll Faceplate - SOLD

Holycrap people. LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT GOODWILL!! Isn't she beautiful??

Best thrifted item. EVER.

I really need to give The Gardener Guy credit for finding this ol' gal. I was checking out another old sewing machine when he opened this non-descript case next to me.

She came with so many attachments, I don't even know what they do.  Except for the buttonholer. And ruffler. Those are pretty obvious.

I did find a small problem. The bobbin case needs to be replaced. So I got on eBay. A new bobbin case will cost more than what I bought the whole machine for. Grrrrr. I was able to borrow one from my friend, so I know she sews, and does a bangin' job, but really, she's an old gal and could probably use a tune up.

But honestly, I didn't buy her to use her. I knew when I bought her that she would be an investment.

And so I offer her to you. Email me if you're interested, we can discuss details then.

For now, just try looking at this beauty without drooling. I dare you.