February 26, 2009

Not enough pins

Yellow Brick Road
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I've been working on this secret project for a couple of weeks now. I've been really surprised with how well it's turning out.
Sometimes when I'm putting a quilt together, I get nervous about half way through, second guessing my fabric decisions, pattern, etc. This one looked great when I had all the fabrics piled together. Then I started cutting, and that's when I started getting worried about things. However, the more it went together, the more pleased I became.
No matter how many pins I baste with, I always get puckers. At the intersections of stitches, the fabric moves. I try with all my might to ease it in and avoid the ugliness that I know is coming, but to no avail. I always hope that when I wash it, the puckers won't be as noticable, but I know better. They will forever be a flaw in a very special item I had hoped would turn out perfect.

Does anyone have any tricks to avoid this? Do you baste with pins?
The last quilt I did was for my son. It was lap sized and I decided to baste it with the spray stuff since the same product worked fabulous on a table runner I had done. It was a disaster. I think I didn't lay the top onto the sprayed batting the right way. Anyway, I've been afraid to use a basting spray ever since.
I'm frustrated and sad that this secret project will not be perfect.

February 24, 2009

My first swap!!

Look at the beautifulness that showed up in my mailbox the other day! (yes, i just made up a word).

I came across Ashley in blogland who was in need in of the green version of Peas and Carrots. Well, guess what has been sitting in my craftroom for the last two years?? Yep, just what she needed.
So...I just completed my first online fat quarter swap!!

She sent these fabulous fabrics after I told her I really like the color red. Perfect.
The only problem is that now I'll have to save them for a super special project. I can't cut into these for just any old thing you know. Quilters out there know what I'm taking about.

February 23, 2009

Unfortunately Jennifer.....

I saw a funny little game to play on one of my favorite blogs.

Go to Google and type in "unfortunately (your name)" with quotes and everything.

I gotta tell you though, with a name like Jennifer, some predictable stuff comes up.

Here's what I found that didn't include Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez:

~Unfortunately, Jennifer is still recovering and she isn't ready to play tennis.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer seems to have replaced her ex-lover with a 62-year-old stalker.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer also suffered a stroke at age 3 and partial paralysis on one side of her body.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer loved it and quickly climbed on, her arms round Cloud’s waist. (Now that's what I'm talkin' about!)
~Unfortunately, Jennifer will have to fill out the paperwork again and stand in line because we both have been removed from the electronic renewal system.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer just doesn't have the time to design tattoos for people she is not tattooing.

I've learned a lot about myself. Apparently I'm a paraplegic who's too busy tattooing to deal with my lover Cloud (boy or girl??) so I've taken on a 62 yr old stalker. Less commitment that way.

February 19, 2009


Anina over at Twiddletails has started an awesome challenge for us quilters.

We are to make a quilt, or quilts using all scraps and we can't buy any fabric for the project. My favorite part of her "rules" is that there are no rules!

I can't decide what kind of quilt I want to do. I really like this one from Crazy Mom Quilts, and the new hotness of spiderweb quilts all over blogland.  Or maybe I'll just start sewing stuff together and see what happens! 
Lord knows i have enough scraps to do 100 quilts!

February 14, 2009

Table for one please.

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Yay! After hinting and hinting and hinting about needing an extension table for the Bernina, I finally got one! It only took about 4 months of dropping hints and 15 minutes of pretending to make it myself for it to happen. Once I started pulling out tools, Kirk got a little nervous and took over the project. (My plan worked like a charm) His version turned out way better than the one I had planned in my head. Leave it to me to over-complicate things.

February 12, 2009

Ain't she a beaut??

Hoosier full view
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This FABULOUS piece of furniture was given to me by my friend who was obviously abusing and neglecting her in the basement of her home. I noticed this beauty as we were given a friendly tour of their house. Piled sky high with laundry and miscellaneous items, she called for help, but no one heard her - except me!

I innocently asked if that was indeed a Hoosier I was seeing. Well, truthfully it sounded more like OH MY GOD, THAT'S THE COOLEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!! My friend's response went like this - *blink blink* with a look like she just met the craziest bitch in town.

So... long story short, they wanted to get rid of her and knew that I would have an orgasm if they gave her to me. And that's exactly what happened. Yay me!

February 10, 2009

This should be done by now

DSC00239, originally uploaded by quayandco.

Seriously. I've had this quilt top done for over a year now. It's been neatly folded on a shelf in my craftroom waiting to be joined with its batting and backing. Since then I've started about 20 other projects and this poor thing keeps getting moved to the bottom of the list.

I think I have issues with completing projects. Anyone else have this problem?