October 29, 2009

October Snowstorm 2009

Holy cow people. We just got a HUGE snowstorm here in CO. You've probably heard about it on the news, but in case you were thinking "it's way too early for snow", here's the proof.

Oct. 28th on the left, and Oct 29th on the right.
Mr. Big was out of school for both days, and as a bonus, I even got a snow day!

This is Dixie. She LOVES the snow. Unfortunately, the snow loves her back in the form of snowballs sticking to her hair and packing between her toes. The other thing she loves to do is let all this snow melt all over my house. My hardwood floors DON'T love that, and frankly neither do I.

October 17, 2009

When the kid gets his hands on the camera...

My creation
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This is what happens when the 7 yr old in the house gets a hold of the camera.

This isn't even all of them (there were 32 total). Most are unusable because of lighting, focus, etc. I can tell he's been paying attention (unbeknown to me) when I take pics of my items for etsy. LOTS of different views of each item. Including the bottom. hehe

He's really excited about the Frankenstein's Bride that he made. I found the directions here, after reading about it in Family Fun magazine. Every month they have directions for at least 3 items to make with Legos.

It all took about 20 minutes for him to take 32 pictures of his latest Lego project, Frankenstein's Bride, old Lego project, the lion cub, and a couple of the cat.

October 12, 2009

Craft show #2

This past weekend, I participated in my second craft show. It was put on by the Le Leche League of Arvada, and held in a local church.

I was pretty excited, considering how BAD my first show turned out. As with my first show, I didn't want it to LOOK like it was my second show, so I took great care in setting up my table.

My awesome friend Kate and her boyfriend Chad made me an incredible frame to set up behind my table so that I was able to get some height and stand out from the other booths. I LOVE IT!!

It's made from aluminum, so it's light, and it breaks apart into 4 ft. sections so I can get it into my car. My hubby made a couple of buckets full of cement that the frame pieces just slip into to hold the whole thing up.

I decided to wrap some garland around it because it seemed a bit "industrial" alone. Plus, it is the holiday season after all, so in the future, I can use other season appropriate items to decorate it.

The show was not as good as I had hoped. We had some pretty frigid weather which I assume kept most folks home. I'm really trying not to get frustrated with this whole craft show scene, even though the weather has been my nemesis so far.

I did end up selling a few items, but it definitely wasn't as great as I had hoped. I'm trying to get into another show before Xmas, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until I hear from then.

October 2, 2009

More crafting, less sewing

I'm getting ready for my second craft show. I'm actually thinking of it more as my first, because frankly, my first craft show was a disaster.

So I've been crafting and having a lot of fun making new items for this show. I had most of my items left from the first show, but over the months have sold a few and needed to make up some replacements. I also wanted do make some holiday/seasonal appropriate items to try to increase sales. Here are a few examples of the items, old and new, of what I'll have on my table.

Jewelry/Sewing Pouches, Table Runners

Moleskine Books, Pincushions

Pendants, Xmas Ornaments

Patchwork Scarves

My friend Kate and her awesome boyfriend Chad made me a rad frame to place behind my table so that I can get some height and hang items like quilts and table runners. I'll have pictures of that soon, when I get the test table put together. I've been spending lots of time in thrift stores looking for display items and have found some really fun things to use too. Can't wait to start playing with all my items to come up with the best set up.