March 26, 2009

Old man winter paid his debt.....with interest!

Old man winter finally paid a visit to Colorado. We just got a Spring blizzard and are loving it!!! We've had weeks, probably more like months without any significant moisture. There are plants popping up already, but the grass is still brown and we've been watering for the past few weeks. I have a really bad feeling that the water restrictions will be pretty strict this summer. Bad news for my lawn that's barely hanging on already.
Officially, Arvada got 11 inches in about 6 hours. It has now died down to a light powdery steady fall of flakes, but man was it a doozy today. The wind was crazy, and all the roads were blocked or closed because of accidents. A sheet of ice to deal with on the ride home.

Fortunately, our employers let us out early, but so did everyone else's so it was pretty crowded on the roads mid-day.
Here are a few pics just so you know I'm not lying.I forgot how the cold and frozen moisture does not matter when you are 6 years old. Took a couple hours for this little guy to get tired of it all and come inside for some hot chocolate.

This is what 11 inches of snow looks like when a snowblower cuts through it.

The crazy things kids do when there's snow involved.

We had a lot of fun since there wasn't school today. We'll see if they have school tomorrow. Doubtful.

March 22, 2009

Bovine intervention

You know, I was really hoping that this post would have been our last 'Johnson Luck' post for a while, but there's always some kind of excitement happening around here.

The boys went to the lake this weekend to help Kirk's folks with some work on their house. It's out in the country east of Denver and it's a nice get away for us being only an hour or so away.

I stayed at home to get some mad work done in the craftroom because I have a craft show coming up in April that I'm feeling totally unprepared for. I spent ALL day down there on Saturday and made a lot of progress. I even ordered a Pay for View movie so I could finish up some handwork I needed to do to finish a table runner. It was fabulous, having all day to enjoy my work with no interuptions of "mom, can i have some water"......"mom, do you want to play Star Wars?"...."mom, can we go to the park?".
I got up Sunday and went to work at my p/t gig, and came home to see that the boys were back and my car was safely parked in the driveway......

Looking like this!!

Apparently, on the way to the lake, a wild chupacabra baby cow ran out in front them. Driven by my husband with my son in the backseat. In my car.

Here are more pictures just because I find them amazing.

See the evidence in this one? (cow hair)

March 13, 2009

I'm a scrapper

Well, I got most - ahem, some - of my scraps together for my Nothing but Scraps project.

They started out in a big pile, and then because I always overthink things, I put them in a bag to grab from randomly.
Here's what I came up with - an idea I totally stole from this post.

I've never worked with white fabric before, but I'm really happy with how it turned out.

This table runner will be for sale at my first craft show coming up in April. I've got to get busy, the items from my etsy store keep selling, so my inventory I was going to use at the craft show is diminishing right before my eyes. Not that I'm complaining or anything.