April 27, 2010

First Craft Show of the Year - Spring Fling

My first craft show of the year was last Saturday and man, did it get me in the mood for more! 
A few things happened at the show that really got me motivated. 
  • First, people actually bought my items.  Sometimes I start getting worried that nobody will like my stuff and I'll go home penniless. I tend to be really hard on myself sometimes.
  • Second, I was told about//invited to 3 other BIG festivals or street markets.  That was pretty sweet. Knowing that people think my items and booth would be good at another venue is extremely flattering.
  • Third,  and frankly the icing on the cake......three people recognized my booth from this show I did before Christmas. Did you hear me?  PEOPLE ARE RECOGNIZING ME!!!  That's so cool.


whia said...

It is cool! ^_^ And your crafts are really nice. I'm not into these stuff but i must say these are really fine stuff you've got here.

Lindsay said...

Great job, Jen! Glad for you :-)