July 11, 2010

The mother of all wasp nests

When you own a dog, chances are you'll own a dog house.  During the summers, in our dog house, we tend to get a few little wasp nests that usually never amount to much. Until this year.

The Gardener Guy mentioned to me the other day that we should probably check Dixie's house for nests, just to make sure she's not in any harm. AS IF she even uses the house in the summer, but I digress.

So we popped the lid on the house and WHOA BOY was there a wasp nest formin'!!  I've never seen one this big EVER.

Well, what's a Gardener Guy to do but get out the heavy guns?  Thank you Spectracide for making a spray that goes 27 feet.
I'm sure Dixie would thank you too if she could talk.

1 comment:

Georgianne Holland said...

I am very glad all of you, including Dixie, did not create a new winner on America's Funniest Home videos with this nest! Also, looks like a great dog house!