November 28, 2008

Almost Orange

We had an almost perfect Thanksgiving yesterday. Amazingly, I had all my ducks in a row, and wasn't mopping the floors 3 minutes before our guests arrived.
We had my family over this year, which consists all of four other people. That's perfect for our house. Any more peeps, and we would have been a little too cramped. We prefer to have Spring and Summer holidays at our house because we have a pretty big covered patio in the back, leaving more room in the house for the food. Lots of food.
The only snag in the plans for Thanksgiving was one of the sweet potato recipes didn't come out. I've made the recipe before, and it was awesome. I was so upset that this one didn't turn out. Man was I looking forward to it. I think it's because I used Half & Half instead of heavy cream. I don't know. The cream curdled and i can't figure out why. It's bugging me now, not knowing what went wrong.
The turkey however, turned out great! While it was cooking, my son wanted to see it in the oven. I opened the door, he took a peek and declared "Yep, almost orange!". Apparently when you're a colorblind 6 year old boy, *golden brown* is Orange.

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