January 1, 2009

After Christmas...

My wonderful husband got Christmas put away in a jiffy this year. Thank goodness, because with all the excitement, I was ready to get back to normal.
We have had this sewing cabinet in our living room for YEARS, and i knew there was an old Singer inside. I had mentioned this summer that I'd like to maybe open it up and display the machine, but had never actually SEEN the machine.

Well, here she is. ISN'T SHE BEAUTIFUL???

I thought maybe she'd be all dirty. I figured she'd be all rusty and inoperable. I didn't think she'd be THIS GREAT!!!

Now I'm on a mission to finish up some quilts to drape over the cabinet, or maybe in a basket underneath. I'm squeeling with delight!


John said...

Thanks for your email about the bee. Unfortunately your comment was set to "no reply". Can you email or Flickrmail me with your contact info? Thanks!

ohthatashley said...

I love these old machines. My boyfriend's mom has TWO of them in their living room and is currently using the cabinets as coasters. It's motivation for me to get a house so I can rescue them :P
Can't wait 'til sewconnected3!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I happened upon your page doing a google image search for vintage singers…I have this machine in a closet somewhere and have been trying to find the model and any info on it available (not going well as im simply looking for pictures that match it and going from there) This is the machine, and you’re one of only 2 people I’ve come across that has it. Can you tell me anything about it – model number, value, anything at all would be greatly appreciated!!! My e-mail is sarabliss@hotmail.com