January 17, 2009

One down...

I finally completed one of my unfinished projects today.

This wallhanging was a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law that wasn't quite finished by the holiday. It took me a lot less time to finish it than I thought, which makes me wonder why it wan't done earlier.
It's a Pine Needles pattern from McKenna Ryan, but instead of using Batiks, I used the calicos I had on hand. I'm very pleased with it. I even embellished it a bit with beading on the flowers, and used some bone beads I had for the hanging strings between the birdhouses.

On a different note, I'm on a new mission to sew. I've got umpteen projects I've started, and now I'm ready to start checking them off my list.


Jessica C said...

That is absolutely beautiful. :) Looking forward to meeting you through SC3, too!!!! :) -Jessica

Jenn said...

Beautiful! Just clicked over from the Etsy Forums. Gotta love blogging! :) - Jenn
I'm over at http://www.rhymeswithsocks.blogspot.com