February 20, 2010

Just for me

I'm finally working on something for me. ME!

All my other quilts have always gone to someone as a gift. In fact, that's usually what gets me started on a new quilt, the thought of someone else. Sometimes it's a new baby on the way or a wedding. Other times I'll see a fabric that reminds me of someone, and then have to use it to make them a quilt. Not sure why I've never made myself one.

This one is made up of wonky log cabins that my peeps in Sew Connected 3 made for me. I have about 5 blocks left over that I think I'll use to make a table runner.

I decided about a year ago that my kitchen and living room needed to be redecorated. Because they're next to each other, I'm keeping the colors the same for both rooms: Red, brown, white. The decorating is still a work in progress, and by the time I get it done, I'll probably want to change it again. You know how it goes.

This picture is not of the finished product, but I'm so excited by it, I thought I'd share it with you now. However, I think I need some help deciding on the quilting thread color. Dark brown? White? A nice neutral tan or beige? Suggestions welcome.


kimbuktu said...

High Contrast Quilts are my favorites, very nice!

Lindsay said...

Love the colors. I think a neutral tan thread, but I don't have the experience like you do :-)