January 24, 2011

First Non-Resolution Completed!

Amazing what one whole day in the craft room does.

Even though I feel like I wasted a day that could've been spent crafting, it feels nice to look around and not instantly feel overwhelmed by the chaos. It's handy to know exactly where my fabrics are, so when I'm looking for a particular red, I can go to the container it's in, not the bottom of the last pile where I think I saw it. You know what I'm talking about.

Considering how long I've been working in chaos, it may take me a while to get used to this. I'll bet it takes way less time to turn back into chaos. Just being honest.

Here's a breakdown of how I organized my fabric:
Top shelf middle and left in plastic bins are fat quarters.
Top shelf right are quarter yard cuts of solids, in color order. (kind of)
Bottom shelf is everything one half yard or bigger. (the little pile on the right are
precuts for my pincushions)
On the counter in plastic bins are pieces that are bigger than scraps, but not fat quarters.

What you can't see is the bottom of the cabinet where I keep my containers of scraps. Yep, I said containers. Like plural. Maybe I'll show you that next time, it's pretty bad.


Georgianne Holland said...

Please don't ever feel badly about scraps! Whole careers, whole books, whole winters have been built around scrap fabrics!

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