February 23, 2009

Unfortunately Jennifer.....

I saw a funny little game to play on one of my favorite blogs.

Go to Google and type in "unfortunately (your name)" with quotes and everything.

I gotta tell you though, with a name like Jennifer, some predictable stuff comes up.

Here's what I found that didn't include Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Lopez:

~Unfortunately, Jennifer is still recovering and she isn't ready to play tennis.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer seems to have replaced her ex-lover with a 62-year-old stalker.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer also suffered a stroke at age 3 and partial paralysis on one side of her body.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer loved it and quickly climbed on, her arms round Cloud’s waist. (Now that's what I'm talkin' about!)
~Unfortunately, Jennifer will have to fill out the paperwork again and stand in line because we both have been removed from the electronic renewal system.
~Unfortunately, Jennifer just doesn't have the time to design tattoos for people she is not tattooing.

I've learned a lot about myself. Apparently I'm a paraplegic who's too busy tattooing to deal with my lover Cloud (boy or girl??) so I've taken on a 62 yr old stalker. Less commitment that way.

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