February 24, 2009

My first swap!!

Look at the beautifulness that showed up in my mailbox the other day! (yes, i just made up a word).

I came across Ashley in blogland who was in need in of the green version of Peas and Carrots. Well, guess what has been sitting in my craftroom for the last two years?? Yep, just what she needed.
So...I just completed my first online fat quarter swap!!

She sent these fabulous fabrics after I told her I really like the color red. Perfect.
The only problem is that now I'll have to save them for a super special project. I can't cut into these for just any old thing you know. Quilters out there know what I'm taking about.


My Dear Darling said...

Lovely fabric! I'm not a quilter but I think I know what you're talking about. :P I'm one of those that don't use something because someone special gave it to me... so it ends up sitting there unused for years. Hehe.

amandajean said...

beautiful fabric! i know EXACTLY what you are talking about!!! :)