February 26, 2009

Not enough pins

Yellow Brick Road
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I've been working on this secret project for a couple of weeks now. I've been really surprised with how well it's turning out.
Sometimes when I'm putting a quilt together, I get nervous about half way through, second guessing my fabric decisions, pattern, etc. This one looked great when I had all the fabrics piled together. Then I started cutting, and that's when I started getting worried about things. However, the more it went together, the more pleased I became.
No matter how many pins I baste with, I always get puckers. At the intersections of stitches, the fabric moves. I try with all my might to ease it in and avoid the ugliness that I know is coming, but to no avail. I always hope that when I wash it, the puckers won't be as noticable, but I know better. They will forever be a flaw in a very special item I had hoped would turn out perfect.

Does anyone have any tricks to avoid this? Do you baste with pins?
The last quilt I did was for my son. It was lap sized and I decided to baste it with the spray stuff since the same product worked fabulous on a table runner I had done. It was a disaster. I think I didn't lay the top onto the sprayed batting the right way. Anyway, I've been afraid to use a basting spray ever since.
I'm frustrated and sad that this secret project will not be perfect.


Erin said...

*fingers crossed* I haven't had any problems with puckering on any of my projects ... and the only thing I can think of is that I pin like CRAZY ... seriously I pin SO much. I read somewhere that you should pin no further than a knuckles width apart from each other ... and I have small knuckles. :) The other thing that I know really helps is a walking foot for my machine. Do you use one? I know they help pull the top and the bottom fabric together at the same speed so it's harder for them to get 'off'. If you already do both of these things, ack! I don't know. I know that some people love those basting sprays and some people hate them ... I have yet to try one so I can't say yet. Good luck! The quilt looks amazing, too, despite the puckers. I doubt your son will care, but I know its frustrating!!

ohthatashley said...

Oh boy do I have the puckering problem too! When I free-motion, I always quilt over creases and all kinds of cursing ensues. I have only tried basting with pins, but I've been thinking about trying the spray. Maybe I'll reconsider!

I recently quilted straight lines and I had great success with the walking foot. In fact, I started using the walking foot for most of my sewing because I love it so much.

So basically...I feel your pain! Like Erin said, most people don't notice these things that we notice as quilters. I think your quilt is lovely and one day you'll forget about the quilting and agree :)

Gretchen said...

I hand baste - there were always puckers when I pinned, so on the advice of a friend, I tried the old fashined needle and thread and it worked like a charm.

Good luck!