July 1, 2009

Now he's a true Jedi!

Last weekend we had Mr. Big's 7th birthday. It was a BLAST!!

He wanted to have a Star Wars party, because lately his whole world revolves around Star Wars. He's a typical boy. With a mom who likes to do very atypical birthday parties.

Yeah, I like to do big, themed, activity filled birthday parties. The kind that tend to bring out the manic, control freak, try to do it ALL (because I don't plan well) in two days kind of birthday parties. This year was especially trying for the rest of the family because I didn't actually get my birthday planning mojo until the weekend before. Yikes.
It. was. ugly.
But we pulled it off and it was awesome!

We started the party by giving all the kids Jedi tunics because they had some training to do! I made them each from a half yard of muslin with a 3 inch strip of brown broadcloth. Easy peasy.
First, we had a Pod Race. We had borrowed a couple of wagons from friends and they raced to the cones and switched, then came back. It was fun.
After completing the Pod Race, they all received lightsabers. I made the lightsabers from pool noodles with a PVC pipe inserted and then wrapped in duct tape. Each one cost less than a dollar to make, but they were A HIT!! The kids practiced with them for a while and we let them run loose, while we got everything ready for the next game, an obstacle course.

For the obstacle course, they had to go up the playset and slide down the pole, then go across a couple of balance beams. They rounded the corner and had to jump over a bench and then crawl under another bench. To show they made it all the way around they had to hit a bell (the Deathstar) that was hanging from the playset. It was crazy, but it was fun!

The kids played with the lightsabers some more while we got the cake and ice cream ready.

The cake was a big huge 4 ft lightsaber made from 6 loaf pans of cake, and everyone really liked it. It was perfect!

Gifts were opened, and the last gift was the Jedi robe I had made him the night before. (Did I mention my lack of planning?)

All in all, it was a fabulous day. I even got a "best birthday ever" from Mr. Big. Priceless.


Glenda said...

What fun!!

That cake is awesome :). Heck, it is ALL awesome.

badlandsquilts said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I'll be coming back to this post...either for Halloween or a bday.. I have a 7yr old Jedi, too!