July 21, 2009

Oops, I did it again.

I've joined my second online swap! I'm now an official member of the Doll Quilt Swap 7 (DQS7).

I'm not really a "doll" kind of girl, but I do have a couple of spots on my walls that need to have some eye candy added, and these smaller quilts also make fabulous wall hangings.

We've been asked to submit some samples of our style by adding to our Flickr Favorites, and boy did I have fun looking through everyone's uploads. I heart Flickr. If you have some random general idea of something stuck in your head, check out Flickr, I'm sure there's already a pic (or 100) of what you're trying to do. I use it a lot when I need inpiration for a project, it rocks.

Here's a few examples to give my future, as yet unnamed partner some ideas.
1. 4SQS Winter Quilt by Tami, 2. let the fence hold it, 3. patterns, 4. Spa, 5. GITF progress 4-18, 6. combinação de tecidos, 7. Hannah's quilt, 8. Flights of Fancy - Back, 9. Flights of Fancy - Front, 10. In the shop, 11. Triangles and Squares Quilt, 12. peek at hexes, 13. Plain Spoken Quilt with McCoy Pottery Inspiration, 14. sailboat quilt, 15. bento box, 16. Blue Bell, 17. Blue Bell, 18. Commisioned "Little Boy Blue", 19. Baby Quilt, 20. Front, 21. Mod Sampler Quilt-along, 22. Hannah's quilt, 23. Zigging Along, 24. Wounded Warrior quilt, 25. Garden quilt, 26. quilt top wip, 27. gum ball neapolitan, 28. Flea Market Fancy Close Up, 29. Spiderweb Quilt, Front, 30. Mini Mug Quilt - Greens, Browns, Yellow & Orange, 31. Spiderweb Quilt Progress, 32. Flea Market Fancy Quilt Front, 33. Zig Zag string quilt, 34. Green/pink Turning Twenty Again Quilt, 35. Red + White III, 36. modern grace hourglass

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