August 14, 2009

On it's way!

Top finished for DQS7
Originally uploaded by quayandco
I finished up the top for my DQS7 swap.

My partner LOVES rainbows, so I used a couple of bars from every color. I really like the black and white middle bar that separates them and it will be bound in the same fabric.

This weekend I plan to get it pinned and possibly quilted. I'm a little undecided how to quilt this though. I was thinking of stippling the white part and doing horizontal lines with matching thread on each of the bars, but OH BOY the time that will take!

Maybe I could just do lines through it all in white thread. Will that take away from the colors?

Anyone have some ideas or advice? I'm feeling stuck.


Alexis said...

It's so cute- nice work! I LOVE rainbows- I hope it's mine :-) I would keep the quilting simple, like a crosshatch pattern, to let the colors sing!

Calico Road said...

Good idea. I guess white thread then?