August 23, 2009

What gymnastics class has done for me....

Mr. Big started gymnastic classes on Saturdays a few weeks ago and since I didn't have any binding to work on, I decided to start on some hexes.
I don't usually do a lot of handwork if it doesn't include bindings or pincushions, I'm not really an embroidery kind of girl, yet anyway. But I have started to enjoy the process of sewing hexagons during the hour long wait for gymnastics to end.

I first started doing them during guitar practice, but that didn't last too long with my 7 yr old, so now we've moved on to gymnastics, and even thought it's right in the middle of the day, I do find it to be a pretty good way to spend the time.

I don't really know what I'll make with these, though I've started sewing flowers together for now. Maybe instead of flowers, I'll incorporate them into my quilting like this one, or this one. Aren't they gorgeous?


Kristina said...

very cool, a good way to use up your "free time" maybe I'll try this next week during my daughter's gymnastics class:) Can't wait to see what you do with them!

QuiltingB29 said...

My mom recently used these on aprons. She sewed 7 together to form a flower, appliqued 2 or 3 on each apron and used twisted ric-rac for the stems. She also appliqued on a flower pot so it looked like the stems were coming out of it.