October 12, 2009

Craft show #2

This past weekend, I participated in my second craft show. It was put on by the Le Leche League of Arvada, and held in a local church.

I was pretty excited, considering how BAD my first show turned out. As with my first show, I didn't want it to LOOK like it was my second show, so I took great care in setting up my table.

My awesome friend Kate and her boyfriend Chad made me an incredible frame to set up behind my table so that I was able to get some height and stand out from the other booths. I LOVE IT!!

It's made from aluminum, so it's light, and it breaks apart into 4 ft. sections so I can get it into my car. My hubby made a couple of buckets full of cement that the frame pieces just slip into to hold the whole thing up.

I decided to wrap some garland around it because it seemed a bit "industrial" alone. Plus, it is the holiday season after all, so in the future, I can use other season appropriate items to decorate it.

The show was not as good as I had hoped. We had some pretty frigid weather which I assume kept most folks home. I'm really trying not to get frustrated with this whole craft show scene, even though the weather has been my nemesis so far.

I did end up selling a few items, but it definitely wasn't as great as I had hoped. I'm trying to get into another show before Xmas, so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed until I hear from then.


upstateLisa said...

frigid weather all ready? I think your booth looked awesome! Hoping you are busier the next time!

kimbuktu said...

What a great looking booth!