October 29, 2009

October Snowstorm 2009

Holy cow people. We just got a HUGE snowstorm here in CO. You've probably heard about it on the news, but in case you were thinking "it's way too early for snow", here's the proof.

Oct. 28th on the left, and Oct 29th on the right.
Mr. Big was out of school for both days, and as a bonus, I even got a snow day!

This is Dixie. She LOVES the snow. Unfortunately, the snow loves her back in the form of snowballs sticking to her hair and packing between her toes. The other thing she loves to do is let all this snow melt all over my house. My hardwood floors DON'T love that, and frankly neither do I.

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kimbuktu said...

Wow, Way too early!!!