October 2, 2009

More crafting, less sewing

I'm getting ready for my second craft show. I'm actually thinking of it more as my first, because frankly, my first craft show was a disaster.

So I've been crafting and having a lot of fun making new items for this show. I had most of my items left from the first show, but over the months have sold a few and needed to make up some replacements. I also wanted do make some holiday/seasonal appropriate items to try to increase sales. Here are a few examples of the items, old and new, of what I'll have on my table.

Jewelry/Sewing Pouches, Table Runners

Moleskine Books, Pincushions

Pendants, Xmas Ornaments

Patchwork Scarves

My friend Kate and her awesome boyfriend Chad made me a rad frame to place behind my table so that I can get some height and hang items like quilts and table runners. I'll have pictures of that soon, when I get the test table put together. I've been spending lots of time in thrift stores looking for display items and have found some really fun things to use too. Can't wait to start playing with all my items to come up with the best set up.

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Andy said...

I have to tell you... I've seen those jewelry pouches around, and I think they're great - but they didn't really catch my eye until I saw someone put toy cars in each pocket and made it more of a boy thing. It's a very clever little pouch that can be used for so many fun things! Good luck at the craft fair!