October 17, 2009

When the kid gets his hands on the camera...

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This is what happens when the 7 yr old in the house gets a hold of the camera.

This isn't even all of them (there were 32 total). Most are unusable because of lighting, focus, etc. I can tell he's been paying attention (unbeknown to me) when I take pics of my items for etsy. LOTS of different views of each item. Including the bottom. hehe

He's really excited about the Frankenstein's Bride that he made. I found the directions here, after reading about it in Family Fun magazine. Every month they have directions for at least 3 items to make with Legos.

It all took about 20 minutes for him to take 32 pictures of his latest Lego project, Frankenstein's Bride, old Lego project, the lion cub, and a couple of the cat.

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Cristin said...

I love the Cat pics :-) hehe